Audio / Video


Audio has multiple uses in our modern world these include streaming, music, news, etc. With our choices of speakers, you will not be disappointed with our products. The products we provide for audio systems are the best in quality.


Video in a home is cameras, shows, movies, news, etc. These moments are captured in the best light and quality on a TV, projector, or video wall. The way you view videos in your home will be changed forever. Another addition that can be added is a Crestron product that can help distribute video to multiple TVs at the same time.
Lighting / Shades


Lighting in a house sets the mood for your day or night; therefore, you need a lighting system that can make you feel at home, comfortable, and ready for what you have next. Dimming lights once it gets later in the night, raising your shades first thing in the morning to see a beautiful sunrise. We can make this fantasy a reality with our lighting systems customized by you. We can even control shades to lower at certain times of the day to protect your art, wood floors, and other valuables. Keypads with LED lights give you a dimmed light at night, shades with a rising and lowering feature, and most of all a touch panel to control all of this with a few simple presses.


Networking is connecting all your devices and helping your equipment communicate with one another. We do this with routers, modems, switches, and wireless access points. The benefits you would receive from these networks are more productive, qualitative, and efficient connections. We use a variety of different network devices that vary from home to home. The way we integrate networking into your home differentiates from home to home. These network systems are used to provide a network to devices such as computers, mobile devices, TVs, cameras, gaming consoles, and much more.


In homes with gates for quick and easy access, we can create a system with an intercom on a pedestal for a code to enter your gate and a camera that you can see on your phone to make access to your home gate controlled and secure. This is an easy way to increase security in your home, creating an access control system. An access control system can be more than just a gate. You can have doors with keycards for secure access, or even on a walk-in fence.


In our systems, we like to provide a factor of control for the user. We do this in our systems firstly we ask questions about how you want your home customized. After this step, we continue our multi-step process by wiring a home in pre-construction. Furthermore, we next get ready to install parts. To complete this process, we start to tie it all together with networking, and programming (If needed).


In our systems, we optimize the user experience. In other words, we make it so you can control your home with a few simple presses either on a touch panel, keypad, or even on the other side of the world on your mobile device. You can control many different aspects of your home with our systems such as audio, video, lighting, shades, HVAC, gates, and more.


Controlling your HVAC or air-conditioning unit can be easily done when you choose us to integrate your home. With a Crestron thermostat, we can make controlling your climate easier than ever. With a simple press on your thermostat or mobile device, you can change the temperature in your home efficiently, and effectively. In Florida having an easy-to-control HVAC system is a must and a complete game-changer regarding the temperature in your home.


Wiring is the first step in our process of creating new systems. Wiring involves putting wire in your walls and ceiling pre-construction, or after. We call moving these wires runs. So, we run wire to where we need it, and a different team comes after this wiring phase is complete to continue the process. This wiring process is the most time consuming, so when the home is in pre-construction, we have deadlines we set to be done running wire by. In our systems, the wires are the most important because they set the foundation of our systems.


To say you have a modern home without cameras is unequivocally incorrect. Technology evolves as the world does around us. In a modern home, you need to be able to see what is happening at your home at any given moment, and the solution to that problem is cameras that are equipped with an app that you can download on your phone. With this security measure, you can see problems before they occur or after, if you're unfortunate. But you'll be fortunate enough to have any funny moment, issue, etc... on video.