We have a lot of different products that we show off in our portfolio including but not limited to Crestron, Samsung, Savant, Sonos, and SurgeX. There are many more products we show off. But these products stand out the most because of their reliability, effectiveness, and the creative spark in their products. These companies continue to provide outstanding products that we will continue to use whilst integrating systems. We are very grateful to be direct dealers of these products shown off below.
Coastal Source


Coastal Source is a company that has a wide variety of speakers, subwoofers, and amps. Unlike other audio companies, Coastal Source has multiple lines of outdoor products that are unique, and high in quality. Another reason that Coastal Source stands out is that its speakers don’t, they blend into your outdoor landscape and create a sense of belonging while giving you an unforgettable audio experience.


Crestron is a main component in our systems in the control aspect. Their products are the most qualitative products in this business. We can implement HVAC (Air-conditioning control), Lights, Shades, audio, video, and much more with Crestron products. HVAC controls your air-conditioning in a simple and efficient way, with a simple press. Lighting and shades work in a similar way to HVAC, on a touch panel, across the world on your mobile device, or keypad you can control your lights to dim, and make your shades lower or rise. With Video we distribute different video sources to your viewing devices; therefore, if you have multiple TVs, we can use a distribution system to simply control what you see on each screen, also minimizing your monthly bills for unnecessary equipment.
James Loudspeaker


James Loudspeaker is a company that sells what’s in their name, loudspeakers. They have speakers, subwoofers, amplifiers, soundbars, and even outdoor versions of these products. They have been manufacturing products since the late ’90s and have miraculously adapted to today’s technological times. James Loudspeaker has products that are reliable, and very high in quality.


Planar is a company that wants to enhance one of your five senses, the sense of sight. They do this with their display products, video walls, outdoor displays, OLED displays, and Led displays. A few specifications of the Planars products prove their quality and remarkability within the best companies across the world including and not limited to, 4k resolution, multi-source viewing, bezels, and touch screens. Planar products show you that limits are not seen in the evolution of technology, there is always room for improvement, and as a Company Planar continues to evolve with the times.


Samsung is a company that sells a wide range of technologically advanced products. Our focus is on the TVs that have proven their quality. With growing options of which Samsung TV, you would like in your home all depends on your home demographic. The options vary from 8k, or 4k resolutions, the number of frames per second, bezel, and streaming capabilities. These options don't even cover the size variations that range from as low as 32 inches to a height of 85+ inches. Samsung also provides a series of outdoor TVs as well.


Savant has products that we use to control systems such as lighting, shades, HVAC, audio, video, and more. Savant also has an app where you can control all these things as well. Their products display simplistic yet effective solutions to user expectations and experience. In other words, they maximize user experience from their mobile devices, keypads, and touch panels, making the little things simple.


Sonos is known as a company selling audio products. Sonos sells speakers, soundbars, amplifiers, and subwoofers that dominate the market. Sonos have cost-efficient and highly effective audio products that fit the needs of millions across the world. Their products fail to disappoint, this is because of the abilities of these speakers that other companies fail to reach, such as surround sound, connections to any device or service, and its own app. The Sonos app allows simple and easy control.


SurgeX has surge protection and power conditioning, and these are some of the reasons why these products are #1 in quality, and very effective. They have a different range of surge protection products that can protect surges up to a certain voltage. Some of these products can protect surges from 6,000 volts from getting through to other equipment in your home. A product, named Standalone, has multiple ports where you can plug in other equipment that is critical in your home, so if you have a surge these devices are protected first and foremost. There are plenty more products that SurgeX has that can protect your equipment and monitor the feedback of power being input into your home. SurgeX has a wide range of products that you can choose from to be in your home to make you feel safer and more confident if your home gets a surge.